Code excluded by default before scanning a repository

Embold excludes some of the files by default before scanning the code for 2 reasons -

  1. to make sure you are not using up your license LOC for files which are not needed eg. test
  2. to speed up the scanning process.

Excluded files by default:
- ‘test’
- ‘generated’
- ‘mock’
- ‘thirdparty’
- ‘third-party’
- ‘3rd-party’
- ‘3rdparty’
- ‘external’
- ‘build’
- ‘node_modules’
- ‘assets’
- ‘gulp’
- ‘grunt’
- ‘library’
- ‘libs’
- ‘.git’

To update exclusions for a particular repo,
Embold V2 (new version): Embold (V2) Quick Start Guide – Embold Help Center
Embold V1 (old version): Scanning and snapshots – Embold Help Center