Excluding violations reported by Embold

While analyzing your source code sometimes it might happen that a certain issue is not relevant to your code base or you find a false positive or you don’t want to see certain issues reported by Embold. There are a few things you can do in these cases.

  • Suppressions

Embold allows you to suppress particular occurrence of an issue. If you scan the code again, you will see that Embold rating is impacted due to issue suppression. Embold currently supports suppression for code issues, vulnerabilities and anti-patterns.

You can suppress or unsuppress an occurrence from Issues page. There is also a filter to help you quickly navigate to suppressed issues.

Suppressions can also be performed from Code View page.

  • Enable or Disable Rules

In some cases it might happen that you don’t want to see some checks (eg. Style related) at all. In that case, you can disable all occurrences of that rule using Embold Yaml file. YAML file has default configuration settings, but in case, if any user wants to make changes to the default configurations, make sure to check in the embold.yaml file in the repository.This file needs to be checked into the Base Directory i.e. Root level.
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