How to migrate from Embold Linux installer to Embold Docker

DB and Data Migration from Embold Installer to Embold Docker

Instructions for back-up and restore of Embold data. More details can be found here:

Follow the steps based on source and destination platforms.

On Source Machine:

  1. Provide Source and Destination Directory to back-up the database and data files (gamma-data,

database, and logs)
For ex - Create backup directory on source machine, /home/user/Documents/backup
On Destination Machine:
You can get more details on backup here: guide/#database-backup-for-linux-rhel-centos

  1. Create and Provide directory for DB and Data restoration on destination machine. For ex - /home/user/Documents/restore

  2. Move backed-up folder or content to destination machine using data-drive or through ssh. For ex –scp /home/user/Documents/backup/. username@192.168.xx.xx:/home/user /Documents/restore

  3. Configure Embold Docker. Do not activate it.

  4. Get docker container ID, navigate inside the container, and execute command “pm2 stop app”

  5. Get docker container ID and navigate inside it. Create “restore” folder inside /home directory (forLinux platform).

  6. Exit the container. Execute below commands to move data to /restore folderdocker cp /home/user/Documents/restore/db.sql <container_id>:/home/restore
    For ex - docker cp /home/user/Documents/restore/corona.sql <container_id>:/home/restore docker cp /home/user/Documents/restore/gamma.sql <container_id>:/home/restore
    docker cp /home/user/Documents/restore/gamma_data <container_id>:/home/restore

  7. Restore all files using shell script located at /gamma_ui/dbscripts/scripts/ You can get more details for restoring the backed-up content on new host here: Installation and Backup Guide – Embold Help Center centosOnce restoration is completed successfully, you can delete the moved files inside the container.Here in this case, it is /home/restore

  8. Navigate inside the container. Rename source.acl file located at /opt/gamma_data

  9. Execute command inside container “pm2 start app”

  10. Restart the container docker restart <container_id>. It is necessary to reflect the new changes on Embold UI

  11. Access the Embold at http://localhost:3000. You will be redirected to Account Activation Page. Contact Embold to Reset the Account for new host machine.

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