New release of Embold IntelliJ plugin (

Next version of Embold IntelliJ plugin is out!
Version number -

With this new plugin, you can now sync repository configurations that you make on Embold cloud with plugin in just 2 steps.

  1. Connect with your Embold Account
    You need to add the Embold access token and repo ID for which you want to sync the configurations.

  1. Click on Update Rules from Embold server.

Done. You configurations on the plugin will be synced with that on your cloud account.

We have also added some new checks

  1. Exclude SpringBootApplication And ComponentScan From The Default Package
  2. Externalizable Must Have No Arguments Constructor
  3. Getters And Setters Should Access The Expected Fields
  4. Run Should Not Be Called Directly
  5. RunFinalizersOnExit Should Not Be Called
  6. Variables Should Not Be Self Assigned

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