Release Date: 9th July’21

  • Ability to configure exclusions through a config file. Get more insights about YAML documentation from here.

  • New Language - HTML support added. Integrated a 3rd party linter HTMLHint in Embold.

  • Added 15 REACT and 47 ANGULAR framework checks for TypeScript (TS) language. Integrated a 3rd party linter codelyzer.

  • New C++ checks
    We have added 2 new C++ checks.

    • print string format mismatch
    • main returns void
  • Upgraded Cppcheck version from 1.82 to 2.4.1 and added 60+ new C++ checks.

  • Increased CWE coverage for C/C++. Read here for more information.

  • Ability to delete your organization and account from Embold.

  • PR workflow: You can now see Embold summary as a comment in your SCM (GitHub and Bitbucket)

  • Added KPIs to Anti-patterns.

  • New rules page added. Refer here for more details.

  • Bug fixes