Release Date: 27th August’21

  • You can now exclude files or folders from a scan or even scan selective languages using a YAML file. Read more here.
  • We have integrated Dlint that adds 38 new Python checks!
  • Embold now scans CSS ! We have integrated Stylelint that adds 48 CSS checks.
  • We have added 2 C++ checks.
    • infinite loop
    • incorrect pointer scaling
  • We have added 9 Java vulnerability checks that map to CWE:
    Sr.No Java checks CWE tags
    1 Mutable Object Should Not Reference Public CWE-607
    2 Unencrypted Server Socket CWE-319 , OWASP- A3 - 2017
    3 Avoid NullCipher CWE-327, OWASP-A3-2017
    4 Unencrypted Socket CWE-319 , WASC-04 , OWASP - A9-2010, OWASP-A6-2013
    5 Weak SSLContext
    6 Clone Without Super CWE-580
    7 Finalize Without Super CWE-568
    8 Missing Throw In Catch Block
    9 Improper Validation Of ArrayIndex CWE-129
  • Embold now synchronizes better with your GitHub account.
    • Sync organization: Ability to sync username, login email id, and member deletion with Embold.
    • Sync repository settings: Ability to sync repository visibility settings (i.e., private and public repo visibility) with Embold.
  • Improvements and Bug fixes