Release Date: 26th November’21

  • We have added 3 new C++ checks that map to CWE
Sr. No CPP checks CWE tags
1 unvalidated param as index CWE-129
2 Improper input validation CWE- 20
3 unvalidated memory allocation
  • Added Compliance for 25 CERT C/CPP checks.
  • We have added 6 Java vulnerability checks that map to CWE
Sr. No Java checks CWE tags
1 Do Not Call System Exit CWE-382
2 Redirect Without Exit CWE-698
3 Missing required cryptographic step CWE-325
4 Sensitive Data In Serializable Class CWE-499
5 Missing Break Statement In Switch CWE-484
6 Avoid Throwing Generic Exception CWE-397
  • Added 50 new checks and upgraded version to 1.18.1 for Kotlin language detekt linter.
  • Added 41 new checks for solidity by Integrating new linter Sohlint.
  • Added support to SCSS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet).
  • Bug fixes