Release Date: 21st June 2022

  1. We have added 6 new CWE rules for Java. See all Java rules

  2. We have added 3 new rules for hardcoded credentials in C and C++. See all C/C++ checks

  3. There are 2 amendments to MISRA C2012 guidelines. We have added 3 checks from these amendments. See al MISRA C rules supported by Embold.

  4. Introducing Commit Review – As soon as a new commit is made, Embold will automatically scan the committed files and reports code issues, vulnerabilities and duplication on Embold UI.

          *  Enable commit scan from Repository Settings Section

           * You can review commits made on your Github and Bitbucket linked  repositories on Embold UI.

          * You can see fixed, added and carried forward issues.

Know more about Jira plugin and commit scan