Release V2.0.2.0

We are very happy to present you Embold V2.0 !
Release Date: 10th March 2021

Why Embold V2?

When we first launched Embold (then called Gamma), we set a new standard for the user experience and information presentation for the industry. Now it’s time to do it once again! V2 will be the reflection of all the learning we did in the last decade. Expect vastly improved workflows and much-simplified application navigation.

We now interpret the data for you

We worked hard to make developer’s life easier by interpreting the analytics data for you and tell you exactly what everything means – for you and your company. And what you are supposed to do.

Just telling you the number of issues is not helpful enough. That is where issue density gives you a universally comparable perspective. You know when to worry and when not to!

Multi-language scanning

Just connect any repository from your favorite source control platform, we will detect all supported languages in it and scan all of them. You no longer have to add a repository repeatedly to scan each language. That limitation is now history.

A brand new repository dashboard

We interpret your scan results and guide you through a workflow that you can actually follow to improve your code quality in all its dimensions such as vulnerabilities, anti-patterns, duplication, duplication, and metrics. We have also incorporated a brand new trend chart with many new options.

You no longer have to guess how you are doing on your important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have 10 important KPIs from factory. You will know where your code’s robustness is headed.Easy.

A workflow to address duplication

Even though most of us know duplication makes code maintenance painful and slow, most of the developers are not able to address them effectively. We are changing that with our new duplication workflow. Embold v2 not only brings complete transparency to the duplication situation, it tells you which clones to fix first and where! Do you know that by addressing a duplication block, you can fix thousands of code issues in one go! That is the multiplication effect of dreaded duplication.

Improved code view

How many issues your files have? How critical are those issues any way? Where in the file are they? Just glance at the code anatomy panel and you have all your answers. A vastly improved code view is waitng for you!

Know more about V2 launch!

More features are on the way. We will be making frequent release to bring you brand new workflows througout this year.

If you haven’t already, get started with Embold for free now! Sign up here.