Setup using docker

Set Up & Start Here:
After you log into your Embold account, you can download the Embold Docker archive image using link :

The steps for installing and configuring Embold server using docker archive file are documented in attached document.

Activate Embold License: refer link Managing License – Embold Help Center

Embold Specifications: refer link Specifications – Embold Help Center

Version Control Account

Integrate VCA: Projects & repositories – Embold Help Center

Scan Repositories:

Getting started documentation at Quick Start – Embold Help Center.

Jenkins Plugin:

Remote scan:
Scanning and snapshots – Embold Help Center

CI/CD integration:

Installation and Backup Guide – Embold Help Center

IDE Plugins:

For Java over Eclipse:

For Java over Intellij on marketplace (preview version)

Embold API’s:


Code Quality & Analysis Reference Guides:

Code Metric: violations Embold detects: Metrics – Embold Help Center

Antipatterns: (design violations) Embold detects: Anti-patterns – Embold Help Center

Code Issues: supported by Embold for various languages: Code Issues – Embold Help Center

Pull / Merge Request: work flow on Embold : Development History – Embold Help Center